Monday, July 15, 2013


A couple weeks before my surgery, I started keeping a gratitude journal.

I felt like I was getting so wrapped up in stress, anxiety, and negativity that I was forgetting how many beautiful, good things are a part of my life. In order to regain some perspective, before bed every night, I started writing down a few things that I felt thankful for that day. 

Sometimes, the things are silly and small. Other times they are more profound and require more of an explanation, but they help me to see that in spite of all the not-so-good things that have gone on or continue to go on, there are so many good things to counter them.

I read an expression recently that I love : 

Want to live a great, full life? Simple : Be grateful.

Last week, I asked Weston if he wanted to join in and he and I started texting each other before we sleep, saying one thing that we're thankful for. I find it even more rewarding to bounce positivity off of another person, as opposed to keeping all my gratitude in my notebook.

That said, I think that every once in a while, I'd like to share some of my thanks here with you as well! And I'd love to hear what you're thankful for too, if you'd be willing to share!

This week, I'm grateful for...

sunflower butter. 
my tiny, easy-to-park car.
a friendship with my brother.
good nights of worship. 
a soft bed to fall onto at the end of the day. 
living within driving distance of weston. 
kisses from toby. 
an opportunity to share about endo!
yoga and encouraging instructors.
honest conversations. 

And most especially...

I'm thankful to have gone three weeks without any heavy painkillers!

Perhaps I've finally found a combination of things that work for monitoring my pain, but between the naturopathic vitamins, drops, and diet.. and the hormones and pills from my surgeon... it just seems really promising this time and I'm so excited that soon, maybe I will stop having to live in fear of when the pain will come back. Fingers crossed, prayers said, and knocked on wood! :)

What are you thankful for this week, friends?


  1. my favorite part of keeping a gratitude journal is the metamorphosis your gratitude undergoes. you go from being grateful for general things (family, friends, health, etc.) to specific things. it's amazing that you can write down something specifically special to each and every day and that it won't be a repeat of something that once happened or may happen in the future. i'll go ahead and take this as my reminder to get back to writing in my gratitude journal.

  2. I'm thankful that everyone by my side is safe and sound.
    Also, I adore your blog! <3

  3. this is such a great list. i tend to forget things i'm grateful for in times of intense stress and frustration. i saw another blogger do a list like this, and i think perhaps i should do one as well. there are so many things to be thankful for.. and it's the little things that matter, as much as the big things... thanks for the reminder~

  4. Trenton, love, good health, hot showers, and memories.

  5. I'm thankful that I get to babysit my newest niece once a week. I have such a good relationship with my other niece and nephew, and I think it's because I saw them all the time when they were first born, so I'm glad I can carry it on with the newest addition to our family. Even if she was wailing like a banshee for half an hour today! xD

    1. I'm also thankful for music! I've been playing my piano a lot more this week, and it's just so relaxing.

  6. This week, I'm grateful for constructive criticism and opportunities to learn. Even when they tie my stomach up in knots.

  7. You know for almost two years I kept an extensive gratitude list repertoire. I'd do it every night, and it made me feel great. I think I'm going to get back to the habit after reading this. It is such a wonderful undertaking and I learned a lot about myself.