Sunday, June 30, 2013


"Sometimes I like to pretend my last name is Bieber. Because I've got the Bieber Fever."

"Miss Kelle, you look like an apple core."

Teacher : You're on a time-out because you were throwing woodchips at those other boys.
4-Year-Old : But I missed!!

"What are you, speakin' Korean?!" (asked by a Korean child)

"We're playing Dinosaurs vs. Whales-That-Can-Turn-Into-The-Hulk."

4-Year-Old-Tattler : "Miss Kelle, he hit me!"
4-Year-Old-Hitter : "Miss Kelle, HE is not doing forgiveness!"

"Sometimes I just want to tell my brother to go outside and cry."

"Probably I will go to Kindergarten at Starbucks because my mom loves it there."

A couple months ago, my dad had a day off of work and decided to bring Toby to the school to visit me and meet some of the kids. They were so excited to finally meet my famous puppy in person and they all took turns petting him and showing him around the classroom.

Toby does this thing, where if you sing in a high pitched voice, or make any high pitched sound, he'll "sing" with you. So I told the kids if we all sang our ABC's in a high squeaky voice that maybe Toby would sing with us. Thankfully, as we all sang, he did, so I wasn't left looking like a total liar in front of all the 4-year-olds. And they loved it.

The next morning when I walked into the classroom, one little girl ran up to me.
"Is Toby going to visit us again, today?"
"No, he has to stay home, but he had a great time meeting you yesterday!"
"Miss Kelle, I have a question...." she paused, "How did you teach him his ABC's?"
I smiled, "You know, we never really had to teach him, he just sings if we sing in a high-pitched voice!"
"Does he know any other songs?"
At this point I just had to hug her. Too much adorableness.
"He knows almost ANY song you can think of!" I told her. ;)

All the pre-schoolers who said these little gems are officially kindergarteners now. So bittersweet!

Last week, I got my employment agreement for the new school year! Especially after how much time I had to miss this last year due to my endometriosis, I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to continue working at a school I love so much.

Can't wait to meet the new little ones in the fall!


  1. Hahaha! Those overheard conversations! That right there is why I love working with kids. Something new EVERY DAY! "But I missed!!" Hahaha can't get over that one :P

  2. An apple core? haha um, thank you? Those are too funny.

    congratulations! So excited for you.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I spent the entire day trying to figure out if that was a compliment or not. I think the other teachers were leaning more towards compliment than insult, so I'll just go with that one.

  3. Ha! This has made my day!! I will be laughing over "but I missed" for a long time. I also work in a nursery, 4 year olds are the best :)

    Lucy xo

  4. Oh my goodness, I think I lost it over Dinosaurs vs. Whales-That-Can-Turn-Into-The-Hulk! I absolutely love these quoted sayings; they're too cute! And aw, Toby :')