Monday, November 5, 2012

my set at rebecca's coffehouse.

yesterday morning, my family headed out to san diego bright and early to go to a coffeehouse where my dad would be playing with a folk band called "folding mr. lincoln." they're pretty critically acclaimed down in the san diego area, but they return once a month to play at the site of their first performance as a band - rebecca's coffeehouse

rebecca's is an awesome place. harry and nancy, the frontman and woman from folding mr. lincoln, were telling me that rebecca wanted her store to be the "neighborhood's living room." there are couches everywhere, breakfast served (lots of organic & vegan options = happy weston), coffee in old mugs, a wood grand piano in one corner with picture frames on top of it, and a big stage where she hosts lots of local talent. harry and nancy had invited me to come out and play a set of some of my songs and i nervously obliged.

i meant to take more pictures of the place but there was a bit of sad and scary chaos when right before their set, nancy had a serious medical emergency and needed to be taken to the hospital. so instead of folding mr lincoln performing, the two featured artists from their set (a guy named dave humphries and myself) became the headliners. 

i hadn't really played in public since i was 16, but after the first song i felt pretty comfortable on the stage. the biggest compliment at this kind of place is when people stop what they're doing to listen to you. it's not really a "sit and watch the musicians" kind of place, so much as someone is there playing background music, so if you're lucky enough to get some people interested in what you're doing on stage, you must be doing a decent job! 

i left pretty quickly after the show, but the other band sent the money from the tip jar home with my dad because they wanted me to have it. i didn't even know there had been a tip jar! haha, i was flattered. :)

excited to have shared my little tunes with some people.

please keep harry and nancy in your thoughts and prayers. 


  1. That looks like a totally fun coffee house! Except I would only drink hot chocolate, but still, fun!! :)


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  2. good for you!
    this little coffehouse sounds like the greatest spot; I wish it was nearby.
    and you must have been pretty wonderful to turn everyones' heads like that!

    1. isn't it a darling place? i wish it weren't so far away from my house as well! thanks for your sweet comment :)

  3. That muffin looks to die for you! And congrats on performing girl! That's awesome!


    1. thank you! that was a vegan peanut butter and banana muffin... add peanut butter to anything and i'm pretty much sold haha

  4. that coffee house looks amazing, congrats on your performing, you're so brave, i mean i would never have the courage to sing in public

    1. thank you! i was VERY nervous but it will hopefully get easier every time! :)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love your blog! I'll have to check out these musicians...would love to hear your set as well =)

    xo Katie

  6. wow, that coffee shop looks so
    beautiful and small,
    such a shame to hear about
    nancy! will be praying.

    well done on performing, you looked so
    comfortable singing! i would never be
    able to do that!

    lucy xo.

    1. thanks for your prayers! i know she and her husband appreciate them all!

  7. This is so wonderful--congratulations on your performance! Kelle, I am just loving your blog.