Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my nerves are shot.

i had a rough weekend.

after a photo session on sunday with a really sweet family, i came home and found that somehow, one of my memory cards was corrupted, the images were damaged, and i couldn't recover them. it was my worst nightmare realized : half of the photos from the day were gone.

i always rotate memory cards throughout sessions (the way i've read you're supposed to) because of this unlikely possibility and so many times it seemed pointless to do but i am so glad i continued to take those preventative measures because holy moly, can you imagine if all the pictures were gone?!

after a sleepless night and no success in recovering the pictures, i sent an e-mail to the family explaining the situation and thankfully they were understanding, gracious, and kind. i've still got guilt on my conscience, even though i couldn't have done anything to change the situation, but my biggest problem is trusting my camera and gear again! i'm constantly on edge while shooting now.

not to mention the timing. that was my first of five sessions this week!

i had a fun shoot this afternoon with a lovely soon-to-be-graduate and breathed a huge sigh of relief when i got home and all the pictures were successfully transferred to my computer but my nerves are still a little shot from all my worrying beforehand haha.

may be another glass of wine kind of night...


  1. Yikes, at least you are a smart cookie for switching out the cards. I can't even imagine how stressful that would be for you!

    Good luck with all of your shoots!

  2. Hi Kelle! Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I'm following you now on bloglovin! Do you have GFC?

    Btw, read your post...sorry to hear you've been stressed. Don't be too hard on yourself;)!

  3. Oh my god, that's horrible! I can only imagine how nervous you felt- all that hard work gone. At least they were sweet about it, you couldn't have known. I'd be very mistrusting of my camera after that one too haha I hope the two of you can bounce back again :)

  4. I've had that happen to me, also. It's so sad. That said, i'm so happy the family was understanding. It saddens me that you lost all of your work. I hope all works out!

  5. Kelle, oh man I sympathize! I once had my computer stolen in Europe and lost 4 months worth of photos! Thank goodness my boyfriend (now hubby) had also saved many of them on his laptop since he often would take photos with my camera! I still try not to think about the lost ones...

    I love your photos on this post! How do you get that hazy look to them? Is it through photoshop?

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. oh my gosh, i can't imagine how devastated you were over the loss of those photos! i use vsco for lightroom to edit my photos! i've only been using it for a few months, but it's a great investment!

  6. ugh, that sucks. i did not know that you were suppose to rotate your memory cards..that's good info to know.

  7. Oh man!! I once lost a memory card at a wedding reception after a days worth of irreplaceable photos...talk about panic! Luckily, the dj found it and all was saved. So glad the family was so understanding!

    xo Katie