Wednesday, August 8, 2012

little notes.

(our little ukulele that fell off it's shelf during last night's earthquake)

dear bed,
i haven't been able to spend nearly enough time with you this week but i promise to make it up to you this weekend.

dear earthquakes,
thanks for being small the past few days. i don't mind when you're only a few seconds long (in fact, am i crazy to say that you're kind of fun that way?) so let's keep it cool and not do anything too crazy, okay?

dear taylor swift,
i don't like your music all that much but your clothes are all really great and i want to steal them thanks to this website.

dear kindergardeners,
thank you for being so hilarious all the time and giving me so many funny stories and quotes to tell people after work.

dear chocolate chips,
you are so delicious. it's easy to add you to anything. in fact, it's too easy. don't you know i'm trying to be healthy?

dear hair,
if i finally pay a professional to trim you properly, will you please agree to look decent at least half the time? especially you, bangs. come on. work with me.

dear nolan,
are you sure you are really going to be a senior in high school this year? because that makes me feel very old. (and very sad - please don't move too far away)

dear throat,
please stop being sore. i know i've been spending every day with little kids lately but i've been going through hand sanitizer like crazy so i think you're being a little dramatic.

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