Monday, August 20, 2012

going-away cupcakes.

my friend, (and weston's brother's girlfriend) diane, is leaving in a few weeks to work for the peace corps in botswana. so on saturday night, lots of her family and friends got together to celebrate together and send her off to africa with love.

my small contribution to the party were some cupcakes that i brought for dessert.

i cut hearts out of some card-stock maps, taped them to the tops of wooden skewers and popped the skewers into the tops of the cupcakes.

they ended up being pretty cute and surprisingly lots of people ate them and had nice things to say!
which doesn't happen often when i bake/cook/etc. so i was pleased. :)

weston's mom and sister had decorated the backyard beautifully too, with lots of globes, map garlands, and african themed art. i wish i had taken more pictures!

it was a lovely way to spend an evening and i can't wait to follow along with diane's upcoming adventure when she starts up her blog... (hint hint, diane!) ;)


  1. I'm continually amazed at the things people decide to spend their time doing. (That was worded badly; sorry. xD)

  2. haha^ And I hope my blog looks just as nice as yours does. I think I need your help! I'll get at you soon.

  3. Also, I REALLY wish I could have kept those two hearts you put aside to take a picture for me. =[