Thursday, June 14, 2012

little accomplishments.

holy moly, i am overwhelmed with happiness.

the past few weeks have been such a roller coaster but i made it through and have since realized how much good really came out of it.

physically, things aren't 100% still, but we tried something. and even though it didn't work, maybe this just gets us one step closer to finding something that will work. it also encouraged us to find a great specialist and a new doctor because this experience revealed to us that i was not getting proper care or attention from the medical professionals that i had put my trust in. and i consider that revelation a sad, but positive consequence.

emotionally.... i'm still pretty exhausted. but it's mostly due to positive feelings now. i was amazed - really amazed.. with how much love and support i received throughout the last few weeks. all the messages and prayers and texts and cards... my mom has been calling my room the 'sunflower garden' because of how many sweet friends brought those over haha. :)

i probably can't say 'thank-you' enough times to really show my sincerity. and maybe it seems silly how much it meant to me. but my eyes are welling up with tears even as i type this. so just - thank you.

monday was another really painful day - i ended up having to miss one of my finals. but after e-mailing my teacher to explain, she offered to meet up with me at a later date, when i was feeling better, at the library in my town so that i could make-up the final exam there. unbelievably kind and generous of her.

when my mom came into my room at 4:00 am on tuesday to give me my pain medicine, i was actually wasn't hurting too badly, so i told her i wanted to try and make it through the night without it. and when i woke up the next morning i was amazed that i was still feeling pretty well. i stayed in bed most of the day, and didn't end up having to take more pain medication until 4 pm!

wednesday i made it the entire day without pain medication. the progress has been so drastic just over the past few days that i am convinced it's the power of prayer and good vibes from all those loving people in my life. on wednesday, i put on makeup. and i wore real clothes instead of pajamas. i even brushed my hair! (that usually doesn't happen even when i am healthy - this was a very special occasion) weston picked me up in the morning we went to the hospital for another bloodwork appointment. i was exhausted by the time we got home and took a little nap that afternoon but a few hours later, i was surprised by brooke and maya, who showed up at my front door with sunflowers and ended up taking me on a little half-hour adventure to drink starbucks at the park.

today, i drove my car for the first time in weeks.
(so what if it was only to the gas station.... i had missed it so much and it still totally counts!)
tomorrow, i have a job interview that came right at just the right time.
i was able to take all my finals.
my mom and i are sleeping through the wholeeee night again.
and i just don't hurt.

and not hurting feels pretty darn good.

good days are back!
happy times are here!

it's summer and i feel great.

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