Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lacma & umami.

i had a paper due tonight for my art class about some of the artwork at lacma.
so obviously, i went to the museum yesterday.

it's seriously too bad that procrastination is not something you can major in... because i'd be all about that.

also, i have to be honest.
we went to umami burger for lunch yesterday...
and i asked our server if i could have the truffle burger (my favorite) with a veggie patty instead of beef and she said no. the kitchen is really strict about modifications.

and the temptation was just way too much for me at that moment.

so.... sadly...
i got the truffle burger with a beef patty.

but ALSO honestly..

i only ended up eating mayyyyybe half of it. the beef was not nearly as good as i remembered it being!
so in a way, i think my slip-up was a good thing! because now i am more sure of my choice to gradually give up red meat permanently!

and hey, a little cheat here and there might happen at first - it is darn hard to give up something cold turkey! but even still, i'm sure my body greatly appreciates how drastically i cut back on red meat in the last 2 months. so i refuse to feel tooooo guilty for giving into my tastebuds this once... :)

i hope you aren't too disappointed in me! ah!

see you soon, friends.



  1. first off, i have so much to relate to with this post. procrastination, college status, yoga, plus...

    a similar thing happened to me last year when i gave up french fries as my new years resolution. i was going strong the first half of the year and for my birthday lunch (in july) we went to rubys and they had unlimited fries and i gave into the temptation using my birthday as a freebie day. the fries weren't even that great and it made the rest of the year much easier and it confirmed my decision to cut back on my french fry consumption even when the year is over.

    good luck with not eating red meat. i know it's not an easy thing to quit cold turkey... i started eating vegetarian meals almost a year ago. as a participant in national vegetarian week, i went a whole week without meat/seafood then attempted to go longer but failed so instead i continued the rest of summer eating meat/seafood occasionally. then in september i cut it out completely. i had quite the cushion time but i feel like i understand where you're coming from :)

    ahh, sorry this is so lengthy - i didn't mean to have a story time :) but i really do have much to relate!

    p.s. i've been to umami burger once (pre-veggie) and i thought it was just okayyy for an overpriced small-sized burger that didn't even include fries :(

    1. this comment made me so happy! i'm glad you can relate. i think with a decent amount of cushion time, i will be able to give up meat too! and yes, umami is WAY overpriced. i think i just loved their burger for the truffle cheese... but after monday, i definitely don't think it was as delicious as i used to!

      ps. i saw your post about achieving the crow pose and you have become my yoga inspiration! i'm pretty sure i won't be able to hold that pose until hell freezes over but i'm determined to keep trying! :)

    2. awh so sweet! hahha! well as your inspiration, i encourage you to keep trying and i'd love to know when you accomplish it - or maybe even see it, if you capture it! :)