Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day & lights.

tonight, in order to take full advantage of the year's extra day...
i had intended on coming up with a cool photograph for the UNICEF art fundraiser.

that did not happen.

instead, after class, i popped into my brother's drumline practice to watch their dress rehearsal. and then i spent the rest of the night using light to draw twirly mustaches and fancy bow ties on my boyfriend.
and letting him draw stick figures next to me.

and then it started raining, so we went inside and shared a freshly picked orange.

happy leap day.


  1. well, of course I'm going to jump at the chance to meet another kelle! (especially one with bangs...ha) :o) lovely blog, lovely pictures, and most definitely lovely attitude of embracing life as art. thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. How did you make the cool effect with the light?Rx

    1. they're long exposure shots! :) so fun to play with.