Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29 days.

an incomplete list of things i want to do over the course of the next 29 days.

  • drink more water
  • find a comfortable pair of oxfords. in a size 8. which seems to be the most sold-out size on earth.
  • go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier
  • read a new book (any suggestions?)
  • take more bubble baths
  • keep bouquets of fresh flowers on my desk, because it makes working so much more pleasant
  • send out a letter. in the mail. on pretty paper. and maybe in a pretty envelope too.
  • worry less
  • spend time at my favorite park, next to my favorite lake, with my favorite person
  • get new eyeglasses
  • find a good greek restaurant nearby
  • choose my battles wisely
  • watch a lot of 80s movies 

to be continued....


  1. Mmmm, great list! I could agree with all of them, no good Greek places near where I live so I make do with a tasty Turkish place which is the next best thing. Rx

  2. Replies
    1. i don't think i've ever tried a turkish restaurant before, but i'd quite like to! i'll have to look into it. :) hope your february has been enjoyable so far! thanks for following!