Monday, December 5, 2011

my first day in new york.

It is 2:10 in the morning, New York time.

California time, it's 11:10 pm.

Which means that instead of sleeping like we thought we'd be, Weston, Michael and I are feasting on popcorn and microwave ravioli, listening to Christmas music, and enjoying our apartment.

After a bumpy red-eye flight and a ride in the death cab (seriously, I thought I was going to die a few times) we made it to the apartment, dropped off our luggage and walked through the streets of Williamsburg to Pies N Thighs for breakfast. I didn't have my camera for breakfast but after a morning nap at our apartment, we took the subway to Manhattan and I managed to take quiiiiite a few pictures....

I'm only going to post a few of my favorites here, but the rest of them will be up on Facebook eventually.

I can say though, that I've only been here for a day. And I've only seen a little bit of this wonderful place.

But I think it might be my favorite place in the world.

Stay tuned. :)

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