Sunday, February 21, 2016

Office Nook.

During our house-hunting process, we always kept in mind that Weston would need his own office. He works from home half the time and has lots of instruments and things that would need to fit in a space where he could play them, arrange music, and not be distracted by whatever is going on in the rest of the house.

As for myself, I figured I'd just plop my computer down wherever there was extra room. Luckily, the house we chose ended up coming with a little nook off of the main living area and I quickly claimed that as my new office space and excitedly started imagining what we could do with it.

Decorating big rooms takes a long time and I know everyone tells us that we'll never really be "done" decorating because as soon as we think we are finished, something else will need updating… but after a few months of slowly trying to piece the bigger rooms together, I needed something to be totally completed. So we got to work on the smallest space of them all - my little nook.

Originally, there had been no shelf or built-in anything, but Weston had an old desk lying around that consisted of white drawers, a sawhorse, and a plank of wood set on top. My dad helped us cut the wood to fit in the nook, stained it to match our cabinets, and the boys installed it like a shelf so we wouldn't need the sawhorse to keep it in place -  just set the drawers underneath the shelf on one side.

My chair was on sale at World Market and is nice and comfortable - especially when you consider that I had been balancing on an exercise ball at my parents house whenever I needed to use my computer for the last couple years haha. I love the herringbone design of the fabric and the chair's slight-wingback style.

I wanted to make sure I had a place to hang some of the artwork my students give me, so I was excited to find the wooden clipboard at Target. I spray painted the clasp gold to fit with the other accents and am always excited to switch out drawings or notes from the kids.

The weaving was done by my friend Nichole after my last surgery this summer. She is so talented and I love how well it fits in this space. Yellow for endo! :)

The arrow print is sort of a reminder of my endo journey too. Arrows have always been my symbol to cling to during difficult times because of a quote I read once about how arrows need to be pulled back before they can launch to their destination so when life is continuing to pull you back with struggles and difficulties to just be patient and keep your eyes on your goals and the future. 

I always thought I'd be really good about taking before/after pictures of our little home modifications, but it turns our I only ever remember to take the "after" - haha. I think I just do things pretty impulsively around here so I don't take time to sit and plan out what it will look like, I just start experimenting and painting swatches or hanging things one day… and then I realize it's done and I never took a picture of how it began!

Here is the closest thing to a before picture I can find, from the day we started painting.
My nook is the orange eyesore over there in the corner. ;)

Completing more of our smaller rooms lately and still slowly making progress on the bigger spaces too.
Excited to share more with you soon!


  1. I'm completely in love with your office space! The colour scheme is perfect :)
    Jade xx •

  2. Your office space is like family house. It gives a new looks.

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