Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Fresh Pair of Eyes.

You know when you've just gotten over being sick and you take that first breath of air through your un-plugged nose and swear you'll never take that for granted again? I've been thinking about this today… and not just because I'm mid-sickness myself and currently vowing this.

I bought my first car when I was 18. I worked for a year at The Cafe without spending a cent before I was able to purchase it completely on my own. And when I drove it to school for the first time I felt like I was on top of the world. No longer was I rumbling into the parking lot in my dad's giant green truck that would barely fit into a parking spot and left chips of paint flying through the air as I drove down the street. My little, peppy, freshly painted car was my pride and joy.

Six years later and I still love my car, but not nearly with the same enthusiasm I used to. I don't get excited to drive to work or find little excuses to get back on the road. I'm not offering to run errands anymore or washing it weekly - somewhere along the way it became something I'm just used to having. I expect it to be there when I need it. I expect the paint not to be chipped. I expect it to have that fun little pep behind it when I press the gas.

I've stopped wearing my engagement ring during the work week in favor of just my wedding band (diamonds and kindergarten activities aren't always the best combination) and now, whenever I do wear it, I notice the sparkle so much more and even catch myself obnoxiously ogling my own hand. It's like after wearing it for 6 months straight and starting to feel totally used to it - to the point of almost not even noticing it anymore, I'm seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes….

The first time we toured the house that eventually became ours, I was giddy with excitement. I felt the deepest longing to live in this neighborhood, paint these walls, and call it my own. During our 30 day escrow, I would drive through the neighborhood or even park and walk down the streets, just praying that God would let the pieces fall into place so that we could make this our home.

Tonight, I got home a little earlier than usual and got to catch the rainy sunset from our bedroom. It stopped me in my tracks. I never want to forget how badly I wanted to live here. And right now, I'm still in the honeymoon phase with our home but I know one day I will just expect it to be here. Expect it to be ours. Not even think twice about what a privilege it is.

So I pray I always encounter moments that remind me to see my life with a fresh pair of eyes.
It's important sometimes.

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