Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beach Send-Off and Lists.

Yesterday I said farewell for now to California with friends and family at Laguna Beach. My uncle got to the beach at 6:00 am to secure us a fire pit for later at night and ended up snagging the last available pit! First thing in the morning, they were already taken for the day! So crazy!

Throughout the day, people cycled in and out, relaxing with us and soaking up the sunshine. It was really nice to have a distraction since most of my free time this week has been spent totally caught up in worry and nervousness, despite how genuinely excited and thankful I am for this opportunity - especially with some close calls this week where it looked like I may not make it to Atlanta after all.

I feel so lucky to have the people in my life that I do... and without getting too sappy or sentimental at an already really emotional time, I'll just leave it at that. But before I go, here are a few pictures from our day at the beach and a couple lists I've written up today while packing.

Things I am Taking to Atlanta With Me

1. This awesome candle to help our hotel feel a little more like home.

2. My mom and Weston because I kind of love them and I'm pretty sure I couldn't do this without them.

3. All of the sweet cards I've been given, to be hung as beautiful art in my hotel/hospital room.

4. My soft prayer blanket and even a teddy bear because seriously, a week of recovery without Toby cuddles seems impossible!

5. My "Happy Heart" because my students insist that I practice what I preach, even when I feel nervous or doubtful.

6. The comfiest pajamas I own and a lot of stretchy pants.

Things I Want to Do in Atlanta

1. Eat every peach cobbler I can find prior to surgery because soon, my endo-diet will come back into play.

2. Say goodbye to Endometriosbitch forever.

3. Find out that my body isn't completely destroyed and can still possibly house a human at some point.

4. Convince my mom to watch LOST with me for several hours each day. She would love it if she'd try it, right?!

5. Hug DeeDee, the CEC's head nurse, because after talking to her on the phone she is already one of my favorite people on earth and I can't wait to meet her and soak up all that sweet, southern hospitality.

6. ___________________?  (suggestions of things I should see/do please!)

Things I Want to Do When I'm Pain-Free!

1. Reunite with my yoga studio! I feel teary-eyed just imagining my first sun salutation, post surgery. It's been almost a year since I've felt well enough for a class!

2. Cook fun, delicious, healthy meals and find ways to convince Weston to like the same vegetables as me, because currently I like all the good ones and he likes all the yucky ones... ;)

3. Go to one of those trampoline places where all the floors and walls are bouncy and learn to do a backflip.

4. Work an entire month without calling-in sick.

5. Get married to the love of my life and dance at my wedding reception without having to sit down after every song. The band has a two hour set and I'm in it for the long haul, people!

6. Paint the walls of our future home before we move into it. Not hire somebody... I want so badly to be part of the renovation process!

Things You Can Pray For While I'm Gone

1. Traveling mercies. I am not the best at flying but usually I can soothe myself with thoughts of the awesome destination I'm headed to…. This time is kind of an exception because the destination involves me getting cut open. So I'm afraid I may go all colonial-woman-on-the-wing-churning-butter if I don't get some pre-flight prayers in.

2. For there to be some awesome thunderstorms to witness from my window whilst recovering! I'm a sucker for a good summer storm and California's are nothin' compared to what I've heard goes down in the south. I'd love to get a little taste of that.

3. For Dr. S and his staff to be as wonderful as I've heard they are. For them to find everything in my body that they need to repair, for no symptom to go untreated and for me to wake up from surgery with a better understanding of my body's condition and a much better chance at a pain-free future.

4. Please pray for my mom and Weston, my extraordinary caretakers to-be.

5. I really would love to have a pain free body. One without endo or any other surprises for a few years at least. I can't wait to start living without this condition continuously halting my life anymore. I'm counting on it. I'm hoping for it. Please join me in praying for it!

6. Lastly, for my brother and dad who will be staying home, although I know they wish they could be with us through this journey. I pray for us to be able to give them as much information as possible and keep them up to date so they will be as comforted as they can from across the country.

-          -          -          -          -

I will update here when I can, but to follow along with things a little more quickly you can find me on instagram : @kelleoh.

Leaving for the airport early in the morning!
I love you guys. Can't wait to share some (hopefully) good news soon.

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