Friday, January 9, 2015


"Miss Kelle, What are those clips for?"
"They're to hang up our crafts!"
"Oh yeah, we have a lot of crap hanging up in my class too."

"Here Miss Kelle! I drew you a picture! It's you, holding a potato!"

"I don't have a crush on her! She's just my best friend! But she's pretty cute. And a lot of times I just really want to hug her."

me : "So, when you finish your paper, it should have 3 Dd's on it."
5-year-old : "Woah, our papers are gonna be 3D?!" (sorry for that letdown, kids.)

"Oooooh, potty-mouth, I'm telling! You said 'Andy!'"

me : "Please stop pretending you have a gun in your hand, that makes me sad!"
5-year-old : "Alriiiiight, I'll stop pretend shooting…… But is it okay if I make an explosive device to destroy my imaginary gun first?"

"For you, this probably seems like just a regular day. But it's really not. It's my birthday."

me : "Can you please apologize for accidentally kicking his face on the playground? If someone kicked you in the face, wouldn't you want them to say sorry?"
5-year-old : "Nah, I'd probably be fine. I have a really hard face."

"My favorite Christmas song is Feliz MommyDad."

"There aren't any stars out yet, are there?"
"No.. In the cloud! It's a turtle shape! I can't believe my eyes! That's the most beautiful constellation I've ever SEEN!"

"Man, I really don't feel as smart as I used to. I lost a ton of brain cells watching TV last weekend."

And in closing, here are a few excerpts from the Christmas cards for their parents. 
I asked what they wanted to say to their family for Christmas, then wrote their words, verbatim….

"Dad, Mom, Emily,
Merry Christmas. Happy Junior. Happy New Year. Happy Halloween. I love you.
Love, E."

"Happy Christmas. Christmas Party. Christmas Joy.
Love, S."

"I like rainbow lights. I love you. Surprise Jesus' birthday. I want a lot of gifts. Happy Christmas.
Love, J."

"Dear Mom and Dad,
It's going to be a wonderful Christmas! Jesus is the star of the Christmas and we will all have lots and lots of gifts from Santa. Everybody will get gifts. Even my family.
Love, A."

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  1. I'm smiling so much at these! I would honestly love for those excerpts to be in a Hallmark Christmas card, they're too cute.