Monday, September 1, 2014

Snapshots of Summer.

Sunrise yoga at the park. Carlsbad. Acai bowls. Hiking with the girls. Beach days. Big Sur. Sunflowers. Barbecues. Backyard movie nights. Lighter hair. Live jazz at LACMA. Portland & Seattle. The World Cup. Gluten-free fruit pies. Outdoor brunch. The Begin Again soundtrack. Bike rides at the beach. Swimming. Gelato. Slack-lining. Sangria. Bocce Ball. Disneyland...

Just a few of the things that will forever remind me of these past few months and this busy, beautiful summer.

The greatest highlight of my summer (and/or life) was the fulfillment of my lifelong dream to see Paul McCartney in concert. He was fantastic - a true performer in every sense of the word and every bit as cheeky and hilarious as he was back in the Beatles days. Overcame my Beatlemania (pictured below) and enjoyed the show, singing as loud as I could during Hey Jude, while holding hands with the man who introduced me to Paul while I was still in utero via headphones on my mom's belly. Thanks for making me a fan, Pop.

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  1. So great to see this quick summary of your summer! And isn't Paul just fantastic?!?! EEEEEK!

  2. Looks as though your summer as been a gorgeous one!

  3. AH! Your photos are spectacular and so summery! I crack up at that picture of Toby, he's so adorable :')
    And your Beatlemania photo?! You are too precious! I still greatly wish I could have gone to that show, but I am beyond thrilled that you finally got to see him!!! It definitely looks like a night filled with so many wonderful memories ♥

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  5. oh, looks like such a great summer!!