Tuesday, July 15, 2014


After the beautiful days we spent in Portland, we trekked to the station and jumped on a train that would take us the 4 hours to Seattle. Weston was busy working during the ride but I was glued to the window. Thanks to the railroad, I was able to see so many beautiful parts of Oregon and Washington that I never would've seen otherwise. The 4 hours went by so quickly! 

(endo note : I used thermacare heat wraps on the train to try to take a little of the endo edge off and they worked like a charm! 
Not super obvious under my shirt, stayed warm, and provided the relief that heat usually does. I highly recommend!)

We arrived in Seattle with a huge list of recommendations from two of my friends who have lived in Seattle at one point or another and unfortunately, we only had a day and a half in the city to try to cram them all in, which was just not possible. But we saw what we could and while it didn't stand out quite as much as Portland did, Seattle definitely had it's beautiful moments. And delicious food. 


  1. My husband is from Seattle, I love to visit :) looks like you loved it

  2. I'd love to take a train in order to travel somewhere! 4 hours isn't bad at all lol. These photographs are beautiful as always, I love what Seattle has to offer, I hope to go there one day :)

  3. I'm so thrilled to see and hear that you got to do some traveling! ♥ The Pacific Northwest looks absolutely gorgeous, and your photography certainly captures the charm of the cities you visited. I hope your trip went by smoothly, and I still continue to send a wave of positive vibes your way each day!