Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tunes : For A Rainy Day

We are finally getting some much needed rain around here lately.
Here's a portion of the (mostly) acoustic, mellow, gloomy-day goodness that has been playing in my car this week.

Any suggestions of rainy day songs I should add to the mix? What are your favorites in weather like this?


  1. I'm excited to give this a listen! I've had one particular song on repeat today: "Raina" by Nick Waterhouse. It's only now that I realize that it has the word "rain" in it.. (my subconscious is humorous)

  2. I like Sleep by the Dandy Warhols when it's raining. Or when I'm trying to sleep. Or when I'm sad. Or just any time, really. xD

  3. Ah, I needed this list today! Thank you for a great one!