Thursday, October 17, 2013

Redwood Sap.

Katie Pritchard is one of my favorite, local, lifestyle photographers.

When an opportunity came up for Weston and I to help her out with a quick little project for her website I was super excited. I thought for sure Weston would say "no thanks" to a mini photo shoot, but by some great miracle, he agreed to it!

This is probably way too much PDA at a time (or ever) and I'm sorry for that,
but Katie's work is beautiful and I couldn't pick just one favorite.

I sometimes get emails from women whose relationships have fallen apart due to endometriosis and I know that it's not an easy thing for any partner to deal with, so it breaks my heart every time.

Weston and I have only dealt with half the battles that we will likely face in our relationship due to endo, so I'm not trying say we've got it all figured out... We're learning as we go, just like everybody has to. But I think one of the things that is most important and one of the things I'm most thankful for is the amount of support I feel from Weston. Particularly in this situation. I never feel like I have to face any judgement when I make decisions that could affect both of our futures. He just backs me up no matter what and basically I think he's a real gem. 

We're slowly coming to the end of what has been a very defining year for both of us and I guess between that and these pictures I'm just a little all over the place tonight.

So thanks for letting me get sappy for a second. 
Promise it won't happen again for a while. ;)


  1. I'm in love with your love! Gorgeous couple! Thanks for sharing these sweet moments. :)

  2. I love the second one down, on the right! Don't apologize for being sappy girl! Love your love, it's not something to be sorry about! <3

  3. So so glad you have such a strong support system in your life. My father is like that to my momma (she has lupus), and I know how important his presence and countless hours of taking care of her/sitting in the ER have helped her. I'm so happy for you. And the pics are GORGEOUS!

  4. Oh gosh these are ridiculously gorgeous!! You are such a cute couple.
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  5. Beautiful couple, beautiful pics. ¿Too much PDA? BS! Don't care about P, just about the DA and mostly about the A. I sort of like Weston regarding photo shoots. I know from experience why he agreed to it, but, forget experience, you can see it in his eyes (it begins with a "L"... and ends with a "ove").

  6. totally in love with this gorgeous pictures, you two are adorable

  7. Aw these are so cute! A little pda now and again is okay. :)

  8. Are you kidding me? Bring on the sap! haha I love it. You two seem like such a stellar couple. And pretty attractive, if you care to know.