Friday, October 12, 2012

morning in arrowhead.

this morning at 8:00, i found myself sitting across the kitchen table from my dad.
both of us were dressed and ready to leave but at the last minute, our previous plans had fallen through.

"let's do something," my dad said, "like a hike.. or go somewhere or something."
ten minutes later we had grabbed jackets, loaded toby in the car, and were on our way to the mountains.

my pop wanted to go up to a little grocery called jensen's, that sells pastries that he and my mom really like. i ended up getting an apple burrito (basically an apple pie - awesome) and he got a pineapple bran muffin. after jensen's we didn't really have any plans. so we just drove around the mountain until we wound up at the lake.

hahaha this boy knows an opportunity when he sees one.  

we had kind of been looking for snow when we set off for the mountain, having considered all the rain that fell yesterday. but we didn't find any snow. just lots of fog. 

the clouds were scary when we were driving up the mountain and could barely see 5 feet in front of us, but when we got to the lake they were amazingly beautiful, just resting on top of the water. and it was cold! we could see poor little toby's breath! strange to think that only a week ago, we were running the air conditioner in 100 degree heat. i much prefer the cold. :)

toby was not such a fan of being on the dock. he stayed as lowww to the ground as possible.

couldn't have asked for a better morning with my pop.
(and my pup.)


  1. Toby has to be part human lolol.

    Also what a wonderful father/daughter moment! :) :)

    1. i think everyone who's ever met toby would agree! he's just got too much personality to be a dog haha :)

  2. I can never get my dog to go out on a dock. He'll go in the water, try to get the ducks and waves, but he lays down when I go near a dock. xD Silly pup.

    1. dogs are so funny that way! toby is also afraid of tile floors. i don't know what it is about them that is so scary but he hates them!

  3. heeya kelle,
    what breed is toby? he's gorgeous!

    loved this post, it looked really beautiful..
    wish i was there!

    1. hi lucy! toby is a cotton de tulear. my dad always jokes that this is french for 'little white dog.' :)
      and thank you! it was really an amazing morning. so glad i had my camera with me! i didn't expect everything to be so photogenic!

  4. Talk about a super cute blog! Yours is adorable! And I cannot even begin to express how jealous I am of your mountain trip. My husband and I are born and raised Floridians whose hearts are in the mountainous forests!

    Love the photos! Any chance of shipping one of those tasty apple burritos down south? ;)

    take care!

  5. Wow, that treat looks perfect! Also, what beautiful pictures! This post made my heart ache a little-- I lost my dad when I was young. What wonderful adventures it looks like you two have together!

  6. The colours and light in these photographs are perfect!