Saturday, September 1, 2012

i only write songs once in a blue moon.

so since there was one tonight, it felt kind of necessary.

sometimes i come up with silly songs just to remind myself of how fun the writing process can be.
especially when it's just one hour spent throwing some cute little tune together.

same chords over and over, nonsensical lyrics.. the whole nine yards. i live for it.

and since it's no fun keeping songs to myself...

'til the next blue moon!


blue moon, where have you been my friend
it’s been ages since i’ve seen your lovely surface glow

blue moon, you're looking so nice my dear
it really did make my year, seeing you on my way home

blue moon, is everyone calling friends
the ones they haven’t seen, and are they walking into bars

blue moon, are introverts out for walks
are they calling their friends to talk and are they all falling in love

and if i threw an arrow do you think that you might stick
cause i’ve tried before to drink your magic but it made me sick

i think that you’re magnificent and when you make a rare appearance
i bet you see the best in us but that ends once you set

blue moon, are families getting along
are husbands out mowing their lawns and are the girls all dressing nice

blue moon, are compliments flying fast
are marriages built to last and are we all flying abroad

and if i threw an arrow..

blue moon, you’re looking so nice, my dear
it really did make my year, seeing you on your way home

blue moon, maybe don’t wait so long
before you stop by again to let us all bask in your glow

and if i threw an arrow...


  1. this is beautiful,
    you are amazing at writing music,
    and i fell in love with the lyrics,

    1. thank you, dear! you are so sweet - i'm glad you liked it! :)

  2. kelle, you are so talented in so many ways!
    i love your music, voice, style...
    i'd love to hear more :)

    1. thank you! i'm working on a little something... let's just say i hope you'll be able to hear more soon! :) thanks again for your sweet comment and encouragement.

  3. oh dearie, you are so talented.

    I request a full length album asap hehe :)

    1. oh goodness, thank you! i may or may not be working on just that.... :) can't wait for you to hear more. you always have the nicest things to say!

  4. I came across your 3 easy halloween costume ideas on youtube and found you so charming that I had to stalk your blog. You are a very talented young lady and I really love this Blue Moon song. Thanks for sharing with us! And make more lovely videos as well! Have a great weekend!