Saturday, March 31, 2012

newport kayaking.

i don't know what is wrong with me, but i have been terrible about blogging and photo taking lately. i hardly ever remember to bring my camera anywhere, and even when i do, i either forget to take pictures or i take pictures and then never share them.

another thing i can't really explain to you is where exactly my obsession with canoes and/or rowboats came from. it may have been on one particular visit to the rose bowl flea market where i saw a canoe for sale and at that moment decided that it was my destiny to become this generation's pocahontus. unfortunately, it seems that the only people who have canoes or rowboats these days are people in other states (jealous) and the hipsters at the flea market.

so when weston's family invited me to go kayaking with them, i was thrilled. because everyone knows that if you can't have a canoe, a kayak is the next best thing.

i mean, am i right? or am i right?

on friday morning we all went out to newport, rented kayaks, and spent an hour speeding through the water. (okay, honestly it was pretty hard to 'speed' for more than 2 minutes at a time, but when we DID get those bursts of energy we were definitely going fast haha) it was a great workout - especially since i have bad knees, this was perfect because it's all core and upper body!

plus, it didn't really feel like a workout at all. it was wonderfully fun.

these pictures are so dorky! they just crack me up. i love them.

kayaking was followed by a picnic lunch (best sandwiches ever by shelley - thank you!) and coldstone's ice cream. cake batter to be exact. 

holy moly, tomorrow is april.
how the heck did that happen?!


  1. Even though you have bad knees, you should try paddle boats!

    1. that has always looked really fun! i will have to give it a go - especially once summer comes around! hope all is well with you - it's been a while since i heard from you! nice to see your name pop up again :)