Friday, January 27, 2012

this week.

i made a to-do list last weekend and every day this week i've been crossing at least 3 things off of it. i made time for a few meals with friends, but otherwise i've been working hard to get myself ready for wedding season as well as taking care of a few things that i wanted to get done before school starts back up next month.

on tuesday morning i went outside to find that someone had poured oil all over my car. cooking oil, i'm guessing - it was clear and gloopy and gross. spattered all over my windows and the car body. i have tried to come up with excuses for whoever did it. 'maybe they were having a bad day..' or 'maybe they didn't mean to...' but my car was parked on my driveway, alongside 2 other cars. seems pretty intentionally mean. :/

that was one thing that i didn't really like this week, but here are a few things i did like:

retro inspired bathing suits : one, twothree
(since i'm on a budget, i bought one from forever 21 instead)

seeing my cousin perform in his theater company's rendition of this play.

these jeffrey campbell wedges.

re-watching this movie on a rainy monday.

and i've spent the last 2 days working on music that i plan to record and release in a little 5 track album sometime in the next few months. pretty excited about that. :)

here's a little 40 second sneak peek of one of the songs:


hope you like it!

i guess that's the way life's been going lately, in a nutshell. hope all is well with you!
talk to you soon.


  1. I know you posted this almost a month ago, but I really enjoyed the excerpt of your song. :)

    1. you are so sweet! thank you! can't wait to share more :)