Thursday, December 15, 2011

east coast trip : in review.

We ate at wonderful places.

We drank bottles of champagne. And cocktails with pretty names.
Met musicians who are as amazingly talented as they are passionate.
Saw gorgeous old buildings and walked on rainy streets.
Reunited with old friends. Made new ones as well.
Shopped, photographed, sang, and remembered.

And in the timeline of my life, this stands out as one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
And I'm proud of myself for finally making it happen.

And when I got back, there was a family so happy to see me.
And a puppy who had lots of kisses to give.
And a bed that was my own in a room that was my own.
And a bowl of home-made soup. My favorite kind.
And a pile of Christmas cards from happy clients.

And I realized that New York is lively and exciting.
And Boston is lovely and charming.

But home is pretty sweet too.

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